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The Bullet: MLS is the story of young lovers who become serial killers in the interest of ridding society of predators, one bad actor at a time.


Tom and Emily were good kids from caring homes. They did well in school and graduated from college. They are spiritually centered, loving, and kind people. But they do have just one hang-up together; they can’t seem to live and let live. Not without exception. There are exceptions.

They believe that no one should have to worry about being molested, raped, murdered, or sold. Independently of each other they discover that they are able to act in such cases and, at some point, that they should. Executing predators is an act of mercy they think; mercy for all the victims there would so certainly be without some intervention. Compassion is their code.

Accordingly there is no justice angle to what they do. No punishment, no vindication, no vengeance, torture, or payback. Only mercy for the subject’s future victims and for the subject himself. If his soul is so tormented or his mind so uninhibited by moral sense, why not set them free? As humanely as possible. No gratuitous, non-lethal suffering and no collateral casualties. No kids, spouses, coworkers, not even bodyguards. Tom and Emily single offenders out, turn them off, and it doesn’t bother them at all in light of the good it achieves.

In time they learn they are not alone. There are others like them, and they are organized. The Group votes life or death on candidates and distributes the names to the assets that set them free. Might sometimes does make right.

Like flipping a capsized turtle onto his feet, they simply exercise their inner obligation to choose the good and their capacity to keep choosing it, one bad actor after another. There is such a thing as a person who just needs killing. These unfortunates are slaves to their instinct to inflict irretrievable harms and they should, by any standard, be stopped.

What supports such extreme prejudice? Certainty. It’s the absolute 
certainty that there are those among us who by nature are so maladjusted to peace, so rehabilitation resistant, that they will continue  feeding on the anguish of others as long as they live. So live they mustn’t.

About the Author

Dave Cherry_110110_123-
Dave Cherry_110110_123-

Most Likely to Succeed is Blake Carver’s first novel. Though no books came before it, it was written in one strong push over 10 weeks, and edited in three. Inspiration and discipline were blessedly in abundance and a complete tale came together relatively quickly. A second novel is on the way for release in July. If you have story or author questions, ask Blake directly at To write at length, which you are invited to do, visit the blog at Your comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome in either form.

     349pp. $2.99 Delivered wirelessly

349pp. $2.99 Delivered wirelessly

     Music from the Book

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  • The Jogger
    Drowning, Avicii Radio Edit feat.     Laura V.

  • Consequences
    Show Me a Sign, Kontakt

  • The Corporate
    Not Enough Time, Emma Hewitt

  • The Mexican
    Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap

  • Southwest Trips
    The Same, Markus Schulz feat.          Jennifer Rene

  • The Manhattan Project
    Stay in This Moment, Alex Saidac
  • 47⁰ 54’ N/114⁰ 10’ W
    Your Love, Manila UK Radio Edit,    Hypasonic
  • 47⁰ 54’ N/114⁰ 10’ W                   Heart to Heart, Springstil Remix,       Rob Mayth
  • Full Breach
    Superstar, Empyre One Remix,          Pulsedriver

  • Serial
    In the Arms of the Angel, Sarah McLachlan
  • Serial                                                Time After Time, Original Remix,       Vibeout

Cover and portrait photography by 
Brian Nemiroff,
Cover Art by Ellie Nigretto